Verification of the mobile phone’s IMEI code in the General Database

For verifying a presence of the IMEI code in the General Database please carry out the following actions:
Dial *#06# on your mobile phone Іn order to see the IMEI code recorded in phone’s memory – the IMEI code will appear on mobile phone’s screen
Input numbers into the field above
Receive the answer


Send a text SMS with IMEI code on the short number 307 Is charged in accordance with the tariffs of operators as for the ordinary SMS

In result of mobile phone’s IMEI code verification, you should receive a one of the following  messages:

  • dd.MM.yyyy ІМЕІ XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX знаходиться в БД”
    (dd.MM.yyyy IMEI XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is entered into Database)

  • “dd.MM.yyyy ІМЕІ XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX відсутній в БД, в Сірому списку”
    (dd.MM.yyyy IMEI XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is absent in Database, it is entered into Grey List)

  • “dd.MM.yyyy HH:mm:ss  ІМЕІ XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX відсутній в БД”
    (dd.MM.yyyy HH:mm:ss IMEI XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is absent in Database)


  • MM.yyyy HH:mm:ss – date and time of IMEI code verification
  • XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX – IMEI code entered for verification

Please be attentive during typing the IMEI code digits. In case of incorrect typing, you may receive a message “dd.MM.yyyy Невідомий формат даних” (Unknown data format).

Verification of the mobile phone’s IMEI code in the General Database

If you need any additional information from the UCRF please contact us by mail, fax or e-mail.

Entering IMEI code into General Database

According to Decision of the National Commission for Communications Regulations of Ukraine # 1338 of 05.02.2009 to include into the General Database of IMEI code of mobile phone, which was imported by foreigner or stateless person to receive telecommunication services from operators/providers of Ukraine longer than 3 months, the Applicant shall send to the UCRF the following set of documents::

  • Application form for entering into the General Database of mobile phone IMEI code .

  • the copies of his (her) passport identification page and page with stamps confirming the crossing of Ukrainian state border.

The above set of documents shall be sent by mail to the following address:

State Enterprise Ukrainian State Centre of Radio Frequencies”
151, Peremogy ave.
03179 Kyiv


The UCRF service on entering the IMEI codes into the General Database is free of charge.