The non-resident of Ukraine, which has an intention to use a mobile terminal, imported in Ukraine, for telecommunication services provided by the Ukrainian operators and providers  longer than three months, has a possibility to enter IMEI code of this terminal into the General Database of the Terminals’ IMEI Codes (further – General Database).

In accordance with the document of GSM Association “IMEI Allocation and Approval Process” the following definitions are used in the General Database:


  • Entered into Database (so-called “white” list) – IMEI codes of the terminals which are allowed to be used in Ukraine and imported into the country in accordance with the established procedure.
  • Grey List – IMEI codes of the terminals, which status is unclear.
  • Absent in Database (so-called “black” list) – IMEI codes of the terminals which origin in the territory of Ukraine is unknown.


In accordance with the established procedures, the IMEI codes of terminals, which are absent in the General Database of the Terminals’ IMEI Codes, are getting in the “grey” list after the first registration in the network of mobile operator. After three months in “grey” list, the IMEI code is transferred into the “black” list automatically.


Besides the IMEI codes of mobile GSM and 3G terminals, the General Database includes the IMEI codes of other radio electronic facilities which are served in the networks of Ukrainian cellular operators (e.g. radio electronic facilities, that contain GSM-modules with IMEI (including boards for the mobile phones repairing, 3G-modems in laptops, USB-modems, auto signaling with GSM-modules, security and fire alarms etc.)

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