In order to obtain a Permission for operation of radio electronic facilities (hereinafter referred to as the Permission) Applicant shall send to the UCRF the following set of documents:

  • application form;
  • copy of company registration document with its translation into Ukrainian or English languages.

The above set of documents shall be sent to the UCRF e-mail:

Applications are accepted by 01.05.2018. Applications submitted by the Applicants, representing the countries-participants of the Finals, are accepted till 15.05.2018.

Within 20 calendar days from the date of registration of the Application the UCRF makes a decision on issuing the Permission and informs the Applicant. In case of positive decision, the UCRF sends to the Applicant an invoice for the works on preparation and issuing the Permission via e-mail. If requested, the original invoice can be forwarded by mail to the address indicated by the Applicant.  In case of a negative decision, the UCRF informs the Applicant about the reasons of refusal. In the event that the Applicant has not paid within 5 business days from the date of sending an invoice, the UCRF cancels the decision on issuance the Permission for operation of REF.

A copy of the Permission for operation of REF is sent to the email address of the Applicant, indicated in the Application, within 3 business days from the date of receiving the payment to the UCRF settlement account in accordance with corresponding invoice. The original of the Permission will be sent to the Applicant by mail to the address, which is indicated in the Application.

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