In accordance with Article 29 of the Law of Ukraine “On Radio Frequency Resource of Ukraine”, the operation of radio electronic facilities is permission-based in Ukraine. If any foreign visitor plans to temporarily operate a radio electronic facility (REF) in Ukraine, the corresponding application must be submitted to the Ukrainian State Centre of Radio Frequencies (the UCRF) in advance in order to obtain the permission for REF’s operation.

A separate permission for REF’s operation should be obtained for every REF and every single region (oblast) according to Ukrainian administrative-territorial system (in case of applying for more than one region for REF’s operation) and for every satellite network (in case of applying for use of more than one satellite network/GSO orbital position). The permission can be issued for the term requested by an applicant but its term of validity shall not exceed 3 months.

According to Article 16 of the Law of Ukraine “On Radio Frequency Resource of Ukraine” the works connected with preparing and issuance of permission for REF’s operation are performed by the UCRF on contract basis.  Please see below the corresponding tariffs of the UCRF.

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