• Volodymyr Korsun
    Volodymyr KorsunDirector General
    • Dr. Vadym Gulko
      Dr. Vadym GulkoExecutive Director
      • Mykola Kovalchuk
        Mykola KovalchukDirector of Radio Frequency Monitoring and REF Affairs
        • Dr. Andriy Kyshynskyi
          Dr. Andriy KyshynskyiFinancial Director
          • Yevgen Myrzakov
            Yevgen MyrzakovDirector for Radio Frequency Assignments
            • Viktoriia Troshchenko
              Viktoriia TroshchenkoDirector of Information and Telecommunications Affairs
              • Dr. Oleksandr Zabrudskyi
                Dr. Oleksandr ZabrudskyiDirector of Administrative Affairs
                • Ihor Boiko
                  Ihor BoikoDirector of Recourse and General Service Affairs

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